The next Life Ball will take placeat the Vienna City Hall in May 2017.
To lift Life Ball to a new content-related and even stronger international level it takes structures, concepts and time.
My team and I will join forces and will redefine ourselves in any respect needed.
The most successful Red Ribbon Celebration Concert and First Ladies Luncheon will take place in 2016.

Work starts now. I am looking forward to realizing it together with all of you.
After 23 years of Life Ball I am now more than ever convinced that



On May 16, 2015 Life Ball turned into gold and once again drew attention to the medical and social consequences of HIV/AIDS in order to raise vital funds for the projects supported by the organization AIDS LIFE. The  source of inspiration were the Viennese Secessionists – above all Gustav Klimt.

To awaken a spirit of optimism, liveliness and activity in every single person – that was the goal of the 23rd Life Ball, which makes reference to Vienna at the turn of the last century in order to highlight the strong-willed and creative types of that time who revolutionized society with their purposefulness and perpetually new joy of life.

The ancient Roman spring festival “Ver Sacrum”, which served as an inspiration to creative people of all genres and was expressed in equal measure both in Gustav Klimt’s golden paintings and in Igor Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps, formed, in the sense of an elemental new beginning, the conceptual framework for a broadly woven world of inspiration. Protagonists and figures as they were painted and embodied by the Viennese Secessionists could be encountered again at the Life Ball 2015 with a shared aspiration for change, renewal and improvement as they dive into a rousing festival that celebrates life.

“Breaking out of old ways and advancing one’s own individuality and self-determination; this was the core idea of the Viennese Secessionists. The values of the avant-garde movement thus form a wonderful metaphor for the Life Ball, which has fought from its inception both for active steps towards health and for a conscious confrontation with and the overcoming of social barriers, taboos and stigmas,” as Gery Keszler explained the choice of theme.

Accordingly, the element of Gold played a central role in the creative implementation of the topic in the Style Bible and festivities organized around the Life Ball as a surface on which to project dreams and desires for abundance, freedom and truly “paradise-like” conditions.

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The Life Ball Weekend at a glance


Red Ribbon Celebration Concert

On the eve of the Life Ball, there is the Red Ribbon Celebration Concert in the Vienna Burgtheater. During this high-class gala concert, international opera and music stars devote themselves to the good cause and famous actors as well as doyens of the Vienna Burgtheater give touching readings of texts related to HIV and AIDS.

First Ladies Luncheon

The First Ladies Luncheon at Belvedere Castle brings a diplomatic breath of fresh air to Vienna. In cooperation with the Global Fund and Fashion 4 Development, this event focuses on the female side of HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Solidarity Gala

Before the Life Ball Opening Show, UNAIDS and AIDS LIFE invite guests to the AIDS Solidarity Gala, an exclusive gala banquet in the Vienna Hofburg palace. The guests enjoy a champagne reception and an exquisite gala dinner as well as an auction of selected items as well as special musical performances. The AIDS Solidarity Gala is an international platform raising awareness for the progress made and the challenges remaining in the global fight against AIDS.

Life Ball Opening Ceremony

Year after year, the Life Ball’s opulent and spectacular Opening Ceremony on the Vienna City Hall Square enthralls the audience, beginning with a colorful parade of extravagant costumes as well as the prominent guests, who walk down the Magenta Carpet side by side. Tens of thousands of spectators as well as 500 national and international media representatives, among them 67 television teams, experience the lavishly set Opening Show on the big Red Ribbon Stage live and for free.

Life Ball Party

After the Opening Show, 3,780 holders of Life Ball tickets as well as famous guests celebrate at the Life Ball Party inside the City Hall – with extravagant costumes of Life Ball guests, which impressively bring the annually changing motto of the Ball to life. There, they may not only enjoy national and international life acts and exciting performances, but also culinary surprises until the early morning hours.

Life Ball Social Spot 2015



Life Ball Magazin 2015

The magazine was distributed to all guests of the Life Ball 2015 on May, 16 and was also available exclusively in Life Ball partner hotels, boutiques, spas, hot spots of the renowned and scene gastronomy as well as cafés and lounges of the Austrian Airlines.

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