Life Ball 2017

Life Ball is one of the world’s biggest AIDS charity events, which takes place at Vienna’s City Hall. IT IS AN INSTITUTION OF INTERNATIONAL IMPORTANCE WITH A CRUCIAL KEY-MESSAGE:


In 1992, Gery Keszler and DR. Torgom Petrosian founded Life Ball. Ever since its debut, the annual event has been committed to removing taboos and fighting against HIV and AIDS, as well as addressing socio-political issues surrounding the virus. In accordance with this year’s motto RECOGNIZE THE DANGER, Life Ball evokes the zeitgeist of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Recognizing dangers in all areas – from health to society – is the overarching theme.

Based on cost calculation through the end of June 2017, the Life Ball team is delighted to announce preliminary net proceeds of EUR 1.554.000,- which were generated to support national and international HIV and AIDS charity projects.

Countless people dedicate themselves to Life Ball and volunteer their time, energy, and support to achieving its goals. Without these Life Ball Angels, the elaborate realization of Life Ball would not be possible. In addition, the city of Vienna generously supports and contributes to Life Ball. A prime example of how the city backs Life Ball, is their providing Vienna City Hall as the event location, which particularly demonstrates their commitment to cosmopolitanism, tolerance and social responsibility.

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LIFE + considers itself responsible to continuously promote awareness and public consciousness about HIV and AIDS.
On top of organizing Life Ball and raising funds through the yearly event, numerous activities throughout the year are dedicated to the education of the AIDS epidemic and promoting ways of prevention.
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